Size Guide

Namsar Interiors Luxury Pillow Insert Size Guide

Best seller! The most beautifully decorative throw pillow is only as good as the pillow inside. Fill your Chloe and Olive pillow covers with our top rated, high-quality down feather pillow inserts. Best fillers that hold a *karate* chop! Our luxurious handcrafted decorative pillow inserts are 100% American made.
14x14” cover = 15x15” insert
16x16” cover = 17x17” insert
17x17" cover = 18x18" insert
18x18” cover = 20x20” insert
20x20” cover = 22x22” insert
22x22” cover = 24x24” insert
24x24” cover = 26x26” insert
26x26” cover = 30x30” insert
28x28" cover = 32x32" insert
30x30" cover = 34x34" insert
8x16" cover = 8x17" insert
8x18" cover = 8x20" insert
8x20" cover = 8x22" insert
8x22" cover = 8x24" insert
10x20” cover = 10x22” insert
12x16” cover = 12x18” insert
12x18” cover = 12x20” insert
12x20” cover = 12x22” insert
12x22” cover = 12x24” insert
12x24” cover = 12x26” insert
12x26” cover = 14x26” insert
12x36” cover = 14x40” insert
14x20” cover = 14x22” insert
14x22” cover = 14x24” insert
14x24” cover = 16x26” insert
14x26” cover = 16x28” insert
14x36” cover = 16x40” insert
16x20” cover = 16x22” insert
16x24” cover = 18x26” insert
16x26” cover = 18x28” insert
16x36” cover = 18x40” insert
18x24” cover = 20x26” insert
20x26” cover = 22x28” insert
20x30” cover = 22x34” insert
20x36” cover = 22x40” insert
20x54” cover = 22x60” insert
• Pillow inserts are not intended for sleeping or as support pillows.
* All handcrafted sewn-to-order pillow inserts are final sale. We're happy to help with any questions.